Pioneer Title Co. of Bonneville County

1655 Elk Creek Drive, Suite 100
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Tel. (208) 542-0040
Fax (208) 542-0080

Services at this location

  • Title
  • Escrow
  • 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges
  • Long Term Escrow Payments
  • Customer Service

Bonneville County is a county located in the U.S. state of Idaho. As of the 2010 census, the county had a population of 104,234 making it the fourth-most populous county in Idaho and the most populous in eastern Idaho. Its county seat and largest city is Idaho Falls.

Bonneville County was established in 1911 and named after Benjamin Bonneville (1796–1878), a French-born officer in the U.S. Army, fur trapper, and explorer in the American West.

Bonneville County is part of the Idaho Falls, ID Metropolitan Statistical Area. The county was partitioned from Bingham County, which was part of Oneida County until 1885.


Idaho Falls Team

Tim Allred Tim Allred
Title Assistant
(208) 542-0040
Jessica Garcia Jessica Garcia
Escrow Assistant
(208) 542-0040
Preston Groom Preston Groom
Title Officer
(208) 542-0040
Wendy Jernberg Wendy Jernberg
Vice President & Title Manager
(208) 542-0040
Jenesa Johnson Jenesa Johnson
(208) 542-0040
Lenore  Katri Lenore Katri
Vice President & Escrow Officer
(208) 542-0040
Miranda McKinley Miranda McKinley
Production Officer
(208) 542-0040
Jeannee Nangle Jeannee Nangle
Escrow Officer
(208) 542-0040
Kristin Orme Kristin Orme
Title Officer
(208) 542-0040
Teresa Rigby Teresa Rigby
Escrow Officer
(208) 542-0040
Lindsey  Robinson Lindsey Robinson
Business Development Representative
(208) 403-4825
Deby Scholes Deby Scholes
Escrow Assistant
(208) 542-0040
Kaci Sessions Kaci Sessions
(208) 542-0040
Bertha Stafford Bertha Stafford
Escrow Officer
(208) 542-0040

Admin Team

Candace Atnip Candace Atnip
Human Resource Management
(208) 373-3718
Tim Bundgard Tim Bundgard
(208) 373-3601
Lexy Cantu Lexy Cantu
Accounting Assistant
(208) 373-3628
John Doria John Doria
Director of Corporate Communications
(208) 373-3651
Jesse Hamilton Jesse Hamilton
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
(208) 373-3733
Sherry Kersting Sherry Kersting
Accounts Payable Clerk
(208) 373-3768
C. Dean Shafer C. Dean Shafer
Sr. Title Officer / State Title Advisor
(208) 467-0112
Sherri Sidwell Sherri Sidwell
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
(208) 373-3761
Anthony  Stewart Anthony Stewart
Accounts Receivable & Collections Specialist
(208) 373-3763
Angie Taylor Angie Taylor
Accounting Supervisor
(208) 373-3767
Tavia Torkelson Tavia Torkelson
Trust Account Administrator
(208) 373-3766
Cindy Truchot Cindy Truchot
(208) 373-3765
Jamie Vanderpool Jamie Vanderpool
Accounts Payable & Payroll Supervisor
(208) 373-3769